Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 32 - Blue Fish

I recently found myself thrown into a business trip and while I fought it tooth and nail, I have to admit, the first day here, in Dallas, hasn't been bad. Well, except for the weather! While I am glad I am escaping the Chicago Blizzard of 2011, I obviously brought some of the bad weather with me as this morning, the roads were covered with ice and snow. Did I mention that I'm in TEXAS? While I had really hoped for mid 70's and sun in Fort Worth, I'll count my blessings as I don't have to shovel or scrape the ice off of a car here, so onto the blogging.

Tonight I got invited out to dinner with the group of people I came with, and it sure did seem to be the easier option if I just declined and headed back to the comfort of my room, but if I did that, I wouldn't have a subject to blog about tonight, now would I? So after being locked in a conference room for over 9 hours with the "IT Nerds" (as I affectionately call them) I accepted their dinner invite out for sushi. I was afraid I'd be bored or feel awkward, and as I accepted their invite the one thought that went through my head was, "Great, another 2-3 hours with the same people", but what did I have to lose?

Now, I have tried sushi in limited quantities, but must admit I hardly know what's what, or really how to go about ordering it. I was afraid I might look or sound stupid ordering something incorrectly and was even more afraid I'd order something I'd find inedible. But before I knew it, our table of 11 had two boats (literally, wooden boats) of sushi before us and my single order of Jalapeno Rolls. My rolls were pretty good, but I quickly found myself included in the trading sessions of sushi rolls amongst my team members. It was like trading baseball cards with old friends and sharing opinions of the players as we passed them along, but it was all about sushi instead! It was awesome! My favorite picks of the night were John's Rain Forest Rolls and Marina's Volcano Rolls, but the best things of the night weren't shared on a plate. Getting to really know my "Nerd Crew" was more fun than I thought it could be, and I found out that two of them live just a few blocks away from me in my neighborhood! Lesson learned, don't judge a "nerd" by their profession! It's amazing what you learn when you set fears aside and open your heart and mind to other people. The conversation and exchange of thoughts throughout the night were enjoyable and priceless, too bad our bill wasn't!

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