Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 31 - Recap

In looking back over the past month of my blogging adventures, I feel I've already grown and learned a lot about myself. By challenging my fears I am hopefully making myself a better person, and the world around me a better place. While blogging every day has definitely been more time consuming then I could have imagined, the benefits far outweigh any thoughts of stopping. Also, I must admit, some of my fears are costing me money! Costs of things such as entrance fees to events and places, or supplies needed in order to tackle fears weren't calculated in the undertaking of this blog but still, I continue because I am loving this experiment in self-exploration! So far, in the past 31 days I've:

- I trusted a stranger, and he was right!

- I confronted numerous people in a positive manner and by not choosing the comfort of quietness, I braved my fears and got the results I wanted!

- My self confidence has been boosted by compliments received and I can now confidently wear long necklaces. I now own 3 great necklaces, and continue to shop for more!

- I have successfully baked 3 batches of cookies this month! While my waistline doesn't need them, I'm so excited to be able to bake them that I don't care!

- I tackled my fear of stairs and raised $220 for charity!

- I groomed my cat successfully and not only does she feel better, but I have less clean-up from shedding and hairball disasters. It's been a win-win situation!

- I learned to trust in myself and my talents, and accept truths such as, I am good at what I do!

- I am taking charge of my health and made doctor's appointments that are long over due and even made an appointment to boost my bust and self esteem, too! No "boob jobs" planned, refer to my "Uplifted" post if you must!

- I conquered my fear of bugs. Okay, it's limited to the cricket species but one step at a time, right?

While all my accomplishments aren't included here (that's what the blog is for!), I am really happy with the results of the things I've tackled so far. I'm looking forward to participating in the upcoming events I've already signed up for, and can't wait to find new adventures and fears to tackle as well! Here's to the next 334 blog posts! Hopefully if you're reading this, you'll join me in some of my efforts. Cheers!

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