Friday, December 31, 2010

365 Day Project

I've seen many others who have blogs that require them to take 1 picture per day for an entire year. While I'm definitely not committing myself to that (hey, one project at a time here!), it inspired me to to take a few photos today. I love photography and haven't really pursued it in years. Black and white photos are my favorite, but the colorful image below is one of my favorite Christmas ornaments. As many of my ornaments are purchased on vacations, this one is no exception. The Christopher Radko Nutcracker below was a purchase from my first road trip wherein I ventured to drive the entire round trip myself.

- Fish Creek, Door County -

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pre-New Year Jitters

As a constant "over thinker", I'm already anxious about what I will be tackling the first day in 2011. Whether my bravery be big or small, I'm looking forward to challenging myself and evolving. In trying to find a profile picture for this blog I've realized that 1) I really need to take a current picture, and 2) in reviewing past photos, I've done some really cool stuff in my life! One of my favorite, and most courage gathering experiences to date, has been zip-lining. It's funny, or maybe just a bit sad, how you never quite realize how great the moments are when you're in them.

- Antigua Zip Lines, 2008 -