Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 43 - Rain II

The results are in, "Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles" was a pretty awesome show! I'm still not a huge Beatles fan (I have to keep repeating that in order to not upset the Elvis gods) but I will give credit where credit is due. The performers, Steve, Graham, Tom and Doug did an excellent job of bringing the audience back to a time of Beatlemania. As we walked into the theater there were two large screens that projected psychedelic images in the background while Beatles trivia questions appeared. I learned a lot by just observing such as Paul chose a violin-like shaped bass as it looked less awkward when he played it "upside down" due to being left handed! Go south paws!

As the show began, the screens served another purpose as they acted as old cameras and televisions that premiered the Ed Sullivan show along with screaming fans. It made you feel like you were in the television audience waiting to see the mop tops step out onto stage in the typical black suits and skinny ties. As the show progressed, we entered the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club era, followed by the activist years. I have to admit, while I loved the first half of the show (since I knew most of the songs) I kind of got lost during the second half.

My only complaint of the night would be, that this show is really a concert and the audience seemed to be a bit stiff and confused as the performance was set in a theater. It seemed as though they didn't know whether to rock out, or just sit back and enjoy a typical theatrical performance. None the less, I'm glad I over came my bias and fear, and purchased the tickets to the show. I enjoyed watching the costume changes, the journey of the music and the talent of the performers. I giggled in observance of fans that must have been taken back to their teenage years as they waved the peace sign and could, of course, only partially share in their joy as I wasn't around in the 60's for the original viewing. None the less, I highly recommend the show to anyone whether you know just a few songs, or are a die-hard fan.

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