Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 49 - Midway

- Midway Blur -

I was completely nerve wracked having to drive to Midway airport today as I was completely unfamiliar with it's location. I was afraid I'd get lost, I was afraid I wouldn't get there on time, I was afraid of the over-bearing ground transportation security that continually yelled at me with each terminal pass as I was waiting for my arrivals.

The photo above is of an airport entry sign, and while it's a total blur, I figured it was a good representation of my trip as heaven knows, security just rushes you through the driving lanes. "No stopping!" they yell. Well how are my expected passengers supposed to get in my car if I don't stop?

After a few more circles and round trips through the terminal, my passengers appeared. We loaded up the car in record time in order to flee the ground security. Like refugees, we were off! As I quickly pulled my car away from the curb, I watched the yellow coated security crew get smaller and smaller in my rear-view mirror.

In total, fear of getting lost conquered, fear of yellow coated, over bearing security thwarted and a good night had by me and my company!

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