Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 40 - Grapefruit

I thought in my effort to eat healthy, I'd add some fruit to my breakfast today. My "go-to" fruits are grapes and strawberries, so I thought I'd challenge myself and experiment by trying grapefruit. I set past negative responses to the fruit aside, figuring by now my taste buds must have changed to allow me to enjoy it - after all, it's been more then 20 years since I tried it last!

So, here it was, breakfast time and I eagerly put fork to fruit, and fruit to mouth which was quickly followed by mouth to napkin! My face contorted in disgust as if it were something out of a circus side show act as I expelled the unwanted bitterness from my mouth. My breakfast experiment ended abruptly as I tossed the crumpled, grapefruit filled napkin into the trash. Final lab results show that grapefruit, you're still disgusting!

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