Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 36 - Parenting

I don't have kids, and currently don't even own a dog, but I feel I sure know a lot more about parenting then others seem to. It's called, common sense. My dad used to say, "Common sense isn't so common", and the older I get and the more I see, the more I believe it. Typically I don't butt into other people's dog ownership skills or parenting as, like I said above, I don't currently have either so I figure, who am I to impose? But today, I couldn't help but to let my opinion be known.

I came upon a well groomed couple with a new Pit Bull puppy that was grossly malnourished to the point of bone deformity paired with massive skin conditions and hair loss. I immediately put fears of differentiating opinions aside, and despite potentially being viewed as the "imposing busy-body know it all" type, I started to inquire about the pup. She was a recent acquisition from what sounded to be a puppy mill. Despite learning she didn't get the best start in life, I was happy to learn the new parents had her on an impeccable diet. I pressed them for details, only to learn she hadn't been to a vet, and that the new owners assumed her bone problems could be fixed by running her on a treadmill to "toughen her up".

That's when my mouth took over. "She needs to go to a vet, she's deformed! She has obvious skin issues whether it's from malnourishment, or demodex and I'm guessing with proper care these things may be reversible, but you need to get her vet-checked, now!". I didn't care how I sounded, I just wanted what was best for the pup! The owners seemed a bit surprised about the information that was spewing from my mouth, but by the end of the conversation my thoughts and opinions seemed well received. I believe with the bit of education I provided her parents, Cashmere will be seeing a vet soon. I can only hope that mom and dad will take their Pitty's health as seriously as I did. Fear conquered, and hopefully a puppy saved!

Speaking of saving a puppy, check out adoptable dogs at your local shelters and leave puppy mills and pet stores behind!

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