November Thanks Challenge 2011

November is traditionally a time of fall leaves, apple cider and stuffed turkeys. Somewhere in all of the Fall celebration, we hopefully remember to give thanks for the things that we've acquired, accomplished or been blessed with. But why is it that we often limit our thanks to just one day, that being Thanksgiving? Because thanks should not be something kept to ourselves, I've decided to challenge myself to acknowledge three things per day of November that I am thankful for. What are you thankful for?

Today I am thankful for...

November 1st: Sixty degree, warm and sunny weather, a random text from a friend that made me smile, actually taking a lunch break away from my desk and being joined by a random co-worker.

November 2nd: Waking up early enough to get to work on time despite not having set my alarm, realizing it's Wednesday (and not just Tuesday) which means my work week is halfway complete, paying all of my bills and still having some "fun money" left over. 

November 3rd: Having long enough hair to pull back into a pony tail on such a blustery day so it doesn't blow in my face, being able to reattach the heel of my shoe after it was pulled off when it got stuck in the door moulding, enjoying a most beautiful sunset.

November 4th: It's Friday!, it's sunny, and I get to leave work early. (Of course, I'm also thankful that at the first sign of a sore throat, I have co-workers who care to share their stash of Emergen-C and Zicam products - I feel loved.)

November 5th: Finding (and purchasing) what seemed to be the last package of Blueberry coffee in the state, dinner out with new friends, visitors at work!

November 6th: Being able to sleep in, a cat that is satisfied to use and stay in his own little (newly purchased) cat bed instead of climbing in and out of mine all night long, a quiet morning to enjoy blogging and mindless tv.

November 7th: Having enough quiet time to finish reading, "A Dog's Purpose", getting up early enough to hit the gym and feel good about it, dinner out with co-workers!

November 8th: Receiving a thank you from management for work I've done, a positive and productive day wherein I processed my in-box down from 216 to 22 e-mails, a margarita invite out to relax after work, but before class.

November 9th: Waking up before the annoying alarm clock went off (and actually getting out of bed, playing with rats (at a pet store) to pass the time, getting off of work early!

November 10th: My co-worker brought me home made soup today, having just enough gas to get me all the way home so I didn't have to stop for it in the cold, finding all the ingredients I need for a recipe at one store and not having to prolong my shopping excursion!

November 11th: Veterans who keep me safe and protect my freedom, people loving the treats I brought into work and making it all disappear, awesome Crazy Bread from Little Caesars!

November 12th: Getting the laundry done before the weekend starts, making time for a manicure, receiving lots o' compliments on my hair, girls movie and dinner night in!

November 13th: Breakfast out with my bestie, Advil, and a comfortable couch to lounge on all day long!

November 14th: Party invites, last minute cure-all Chiropractor fixes, and ice-cream!

November 15th: The ability to learn new, fun words in sign, having just enough quarters to do laundry, sleeping soundly through the night.

November 16th: Someone thinking I am ten years younger then I really am, a co-worker starting a huge project without me and rocking at it (in turn making my life easier!), no traffic on the way home!

November 17th: Having a boss that finally realizes I'm over whelmed (and sending support), (hopefully) positive changes at work, mixed nuts for dinner (beats an empty tummy!).

November 18th: Holiday invites, a strong shoulder to lean on, rendezvous with friends I haven't seen in a while, a bag of what seems to be 100 Keurig "K-Cups" for free!

November 19th: Understanding co-workers who don't make a big deal when I'm late, having the last 9 months of hard work pay off by launching a successful interface, getting home safely after a 14+ hour day.

November 20th:
Having the will to get out of bed to participate in the Turkey Trot, finding a decent parking space and not getting lost on the way to the event since I failed to print out directions, the ability to order dinner on line while partaking in a late night work conference call.

November 21st: Having my director congratulate me on a job well done, receiving a free, tall Pumpkin Latte just when I needed an extra pick me up, a positive, team building (and free) lunch out with co-workers.

November 22nd:
An enjoyable and productive ASL class, courage to make changes needed, bonfire invites, borrowed addresses for shipping!

November 23rd:
A light day at work, leaving early, fun visitors at work who make the night go by quickly.

November 24th:
The graciousness of strangers, dry weather, a balloon that stayed inflated, Thanksgiving dinner out and a movie shared with family, miracle cures.

November 25th:
Lazy days, a quiet cat, unanswered prayers.

November 26th:
Light traffic, fun co-workers, the ability to take care of others less fortunate.

November 27th:
Theater invites, and new opportunities, borrowed DVDs for a morning long movie marathon.

November 28th:
An understanding roommate that knows to just leave me alone when I'm grouchy, finding a new winter coat and purchasing it right before the windiest day of the year, having a friend that will be totally silly with me and wear crazy hats!

November 29th:
Pre-Christmas hangout invites (already!), going to see Memphis (the musical) tonight, and being fortunate to be able to do the things I want to do!

November 30th: Chiropractor visits that include heating pads, having a good and open minded Beginner class, and most of all I am thankful for the people in my life that share the burden of my trials, and the joy of my insanity - thank you for making the trip around the sun worth it!

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