Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 51 - Target

As a lazy Sunday took hold of me, I barely managed to shower today. As such, make-up was non-existent and any effort put into shaping a hair style wasn't apparent either. None the less, my laziness was slightly curtailed by my need of groceries for the upcoming week, so off to Target I went. While shopping I spotted a friend, and mustered a half-hearted wave hello. As he didn't initially recognize me or see me, I had the immediate desire to run and hide down the next aisle so my carpetbagger state of dress wouldn't be observed. Instead, something in my brain automatically took over and I waved again. What the heck was I thinking? This automatic drive to set fear aside and wave again, now caught his attention. After what I swear was a few, "What the heck has she done with herself?" looks, he pushed his cart towards me and we started up a conversation.

As we talked about plans for the night, I couldn't help but notice his well dressed girlfriend had a full face of make-up which made me feel even more self-conscience about my lack of effort. "Oh well", I thought, "too late now!". As the conversaton continued I felt more comfortable and forgot all about the lack of effort I had spent on my looks. It was great to catch up, if only for a few moments.

While this situation reminds me that it's what's on the inside that counts, hopefully, the next time I see him (or anyone) I'll look a little more presentable! In the mean time, putting fear and ego aside was worth catching up with an old friend. Lesson of the day, some times you just have to say, "who cares?" and get on with living!

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