Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 34 - Salt Grass

- photo from Salt Grass website -

The fourth day of my business trip finds me a little disenchanted with our group leader and his inability to commit to dinner plans tonight. Up until now, I've seen him as a fearless leader and depended on him quite a bit, especially for transportation as I did not rent a vehicle. The more I asked about potential plans for dinner, the more it seemed he insisted on being an ass. Making his rejection quite obvious, I, out of habit, immediately took comfort in my fear and felt doomed to an unwanted night confined in my hotel room.

Just when all seemed lost, I summoned my girl powers and began to ask others about their dinner plans. Quickly this single party of one, turned into a party of five, mode of transportation included! At the advice of some true Texans, we decided our final dining destination would be Salt Grass, a Texas steakhouse. Now, Salt Grass had been recommended earlier in the week for previous dinner outings, but our "fearless" leader's reply was the same - "it's too far". "Screw it!", I thought, as he had no bearing on our decision now!

As the work day ended, my party of five started discussing directions to the restaurant and ironically, the "fearless leader" now wanted in on my plans! "How dare he!", I thought! "What an ass", I thought! And finally I thought, "Who cares!". We arrived at dinner and were seated as a party of eleven. I quickly ordered my favorite beverage, a Margarita, and forgot about the stresses of the day, fearless leader included! I enjoyed my half of the party and really got to know some good people who I might not have reached out to previously by allowing myself to hide in the shadows of the "leader". I even exchanged phone numbers with one, and hope to set up a movie date when we get home! My expense report for tonight:

* Classic Cuervo Margarita = $8.99
* Classic Cuervo Margarita #2 = $8.99
* Filet Oscar Special (Filet Mignon w/ Crab) = $27.99
* Fear conquered, and new friends made = Priceless!

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