Scary Stuff

When I started my blog, I made a list of scary things that I could tackle. Some things have been already marked off and blogged about, some blog posts were "spur of the moment" and not included on this list, while others are still waiting.  Some things, I've "missed the boat on" due to procrastination, work restraints, or just not knowing about them in time to participate, so I've added those things to my 2012 list.

Triathlon (June 2012 - Wild Woman)
Walter Payton 5K (June 2012)
Bike the Drive (May 2012)
Hustle Up the Hancock (February)
Race To Wrigley  (April)
Rock & Roll Half Marathon (August)
Century Ride (100 miles) (September)

Super Jake Walk (September)

2011 (last updated 5/20/15)

Get rid of old clothes

Use Keurig
Weigh myself
Write letters
Get new glasses
Make dentist appt
Conquer stairs
Get fitted for a bra
Bake cookies
Try tiramisu
Toilet tanks
Run for the Cheetah
Commit to one event per month
Say no
Wear long necklace
Eat dessert first
Tell a secret/write to PostSecret
Try new exercise class (Zumba Tone)
Photo no make up
Say hi to 100 people
Introduce myself to a neighbor
Jog 5K
Rock/wall climb
Finish something you thought impossible
Balloon ride
Draw and share
Enter a contest
Ask for a raise
Talk to a stranger
Shave Keesha
Travel alone
Eat alone
Flying lessons
Horseback ride/lessons
Train to work
Buy the sassy shoes
Try a new recipe
Wear shorts
Wear skirt/dress to work
Sing karaoke
Call instead of text
Theater/theater tour
Shop Whole Foods
Sears Skydeck
Take advice of a stranger
Go to the beach (in a swimsuit)
Go to bar alone
Motorcycle class
Learn to bartend
Take dance lessons
Stay in a haunted place
Hike a mountain
Attend a Present Moment Workshop
Learn sign language
Car maintenance
Raise $1000.00 for charity
Sell art on consignment
Ride mechanical bull
Ask for help
Throw a party, invite friends
Swim with a dolphin
Go a day without my phone
Pole dancing lessons
Go to a psychic/get my fortune told
Order the hottest/spiciest thing on the menu
Design my own jewelry
Spend an insane amount of money on one item
Take a mud bath/spa treatment
Get a make over
Don't watch television for week
Do something imperfectly with comfort
Water park
Watch a scary movie
Find a new job

Got a "scary" idea for me to tackle? Please comment and let me know!

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