Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 54 - RAWR!

Today I took charge and let it be known that the two temps I have working with my team are off limits to any one else for help, they're MINE! Now, I'm sure there was a nicer way to tell my manager and two other supervisors that, "If anyone touches my kids, I'm going to be like a mama bear and roar!", but they definitely got the picture I was painting.

Not the most tactful or professional thing I've said in my career, but it's a dog eat dog environment and headcount resources in my department are minimal. I've struggled in the past with being able to get and maintain my resources, and having learned my lesson the hard way, I was not about to begin another battle to keep hired help. I figured if I set fears aside now and "put my foot down", I'd eliminate problems later. For now, I'll let the bear in me hibernate, but I won't be afraid to awaken her again if needed.

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  1. When is headcount *not* an issue? Oh my god, it's so frustrating (and this is coming from a non-manager). Like, we'd have all these projects we'd need to get done but a lack of engineering resources. Why? Headcount issues. Stupid HR bullshit if you ask me. :P