Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 53 - Left Out

I'm realizing this blog isn't always the fun, thrill-seeking blog I imagined it would be when I first started it. Lately, it seems that budget and weather drown my attempts at the "fun" fears to conquer, like heights and roller coasters, or water slides (yes, I'm afraid of water slides). Instead, this blog seems to be more about small, daily confrontations and personal growth. I'm not complaining, rather just noting, that this blog (thankfully) pushes me out of my comfort zone and hopefully, is creating a better me.

With that said, today I found myself in a tough situation at work, where seemingly my staff and I got left out of a major meeting and project. Pre-blog, I would have made up my own ideas about the situation and silently brewed and internally boiled about the slight I was dealt. Heck, to be honest, I still made up my own ideas about the situation, but I did muster the nerve to tackle the "Jolly Green Giant" who was in charge of setting up and directing the meeting. OK, my co-worker is not really jolly, and definitely isn't green, but is tall and intimidating. None the less, I found myself standing before JGG, questioning the thought process that lead to the final actions.

I won't say I believe or bought into any of the Giant's reasons as to why the over sight occurred, but I do think somewhere in the afternoon JGG's conscience kicked in. After witnessing numerous attendees console me and question the obvious omission of names and talent, I did receive an apology from the Giant. While a small victory, it's a victory none the less and I will mark another fear of confrontation mastered.

Side note: In searching for an image of the actual Jolly Green Giant, I found the pic of the statue above which is erected in Minnesota. If I ever travel to the land of a ten thousand lakes, I'll be sure to try and search out the giant, as his deep voiced, "Ho-ho-ho Green Giant!" commercials used to scare me as a child!

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