Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 41 - DDS II (Dr. Lee)

- Cheese! -

I went to the dentist today and I think I'm in love! Well, as much as you can be with someone who pokes and prods around the inside of your mouth. This post is in follow up to my "Day 6 - DDS" entry. I bravely conquered the cold weather and walked .74 miles to Lee Dental Clinic to see Dr. Anthony Lee. Although the outside of the building seemed a bit antiquated and made me re-think my decision, once inside, I relaxed. Well, a little.

After filling out pages of new patient forms I was brought back to the "exam room" and introduced to my new dentist. I liked him immediately. He impressed me with his calm and quiet demeanor as he listened to me ramble on about my dental history. Not once did he talk down to me, or make me feel like an inadequate flosser. He immediately made me feel like he was there to help me and be part of a new team of two in my dental health care.

As he cleaned, he checked on me often to see if I was in any pain or if any area of my mouth was more sensitive then the others. Post cleaning, he chatted and recommended further treatments which of course included removal of wisdom teeth. I've been hearing that recommendation for years and continue to put it off - maybe this will be their year to go! (No promises) While going to the dentist is no treat, I have to admit Dr. Anthony Lee made it as painless as possible, both emotionally and physically. Fear of ridicule conquered, and by doing so I'm getting back on track with my dental health! Go TEAM LEE!


  1. I hate dentists !! definitely qualifies as a "do something scary" event. Ive had 2 of 4 wisdom teeth out, its overrated I wouldn't rush to add it to my list of "thigs to do" !!!


  2. Thanks John! My wisdom teeth give me no problems currently, so I find it hard to trust in dentists that say they should be removed. I'm sure they make their recommendations based on "preventative" care, but I just can't justify it yet. If/when mine go, they say I need all 4 removed which does not add to my desire to have them taken out!