Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 52 - Fright Night

If you know me, you've heard how I refuse to watch scary movies as an over active imagination makes me regret it later in the night. If you don't know me, let me tell you, I can't watch scary movies. Despite being a grown, independent adult I will lie awake all night long imagining that every noise heard is the serial killer, ghost, zombie or werewolf from the movie coming to attack me (directly from the television of course).

Today I tried to tackle my movie fears by watching a recommended "horror" flick titled, "Fright Night". I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, but I suspected a night of insomnia as I would have to be sure to stay awake so vampires wouldn't drain me of of all my blood. With garlic and wooden stake (okay, it was more like blanket and t.v. remote) in hand, I got comfortable and settled into the sofa preparing for the worst.

With a simple touch of the remote, the movie started and the longer I watched, the more I wondered how this movie became so highly recommended. Despite it's 3.5 star rating, I didn't find anything scary about it, other then the fact someone actually spent money to produce it. I'm sure this flick may have some type of "cult" following that has allowed it to grow in popularity over the years, but I never was a conformist, so I can't support the reviews it's received to date - at least not where scariness is concerned.

While I can't rule this experience a successful tackle of fear, I'm up for recommendations. What's your favorite scary movie?


  1. I had nightmares after Paranormal Activity and had to keep the light on in my bedroom for about a week. But for some reason, I want to see it again. :) some of my friends found it boring and the story itself was....but i have a good imagination so i scared myself.

  2. Thanks Lynn! I haven't seen Paranormal Activity, but I do hear good things about it's scare-factor! Maybe I'll have to watch it at 5am so I have all day to try to figure out how I will sleep that night!