Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 44 - Cupid's Dash

- Cupid's Medal of Courage -

Today was Cupid's Dash, a 4 mile walk/run event in Highland Park near Ravinia. This was my first 4 miler, as I usually do 5K's/3.1 mile events. My teammate, the running half of team "Breakfast Burrito", encouraged me at the starting line and then, we were off. The herd of people started to run, and I thought, "What the heck? Am I the ONLY one walking in this event?", and then I thought, "This is a walking event as well as running, right?". By the first turn, I was literally in last place and was mortified when I turned around to see no one behind me. I thought about just walking to my car, giving up and going home, but then as the pack of runners passed the photographer, I thankfully saw that some stopped and began walking. I took this opportunity to run and catch up to the small group of what now became 5 event walkers. While my focus was on completing the event, my pride pushed me as it refused to come in last place!

I met up with fellow event newbies Joann and Mae and we talked the entire 4 miles. We shared other event histories and hopefully challenges to come. We giggled at our progress and encouraged each other on the whole way. As fellow Chicagoans, Joann and I were both shocked at how hilly Highland Park is! The event course consisted of nothing but hills which I'm sure added an extra 5 miles onto our walk, at least in effort if not in actual mileage!

As we neared the finish line, I was thankful to be completing my second event of the year, fulfilling yet another part of my blog challenge. I'm also glad I persevered, faced fear of embarrassment and did not give up! I conquered my four miles, came in third (out of 5 walkers), earned a medal and made new friends - what a great start to my day!

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