Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 50 - Meet the Parent

Today my boyfriend of almost 5 years met my mother. I won't go into the ridiculous details as to why it's taken so long, that would be a whole 'nother blog. But today I set fears aside and invited my love to breakfast where the rest of my immediate family would be gathering. I wasn't sure of the freak show that might ensue, but I took the risk as changes in geographical locations of family members would make it hard to meet up in the future.

Conversation and maple syrup flowed as the hour passed by. Nothing too embarrassing was shared, and connections seemed to be made by shared interests in travel, entertainment and music. The scent of bacon lingered in the air as the dishes were cleared. Last sips of coffee were taken and pancake crumbs were pushed around the remaining plates as the bill was delivered to our table. Upon it's review, cash and wallets were tossed about the table and people started to stand and stretch as they pushed in their chairs.

Goodbyes and hugs were exchanged in the parking lot, and I drove home with boyfriend in tow. We reviewed the conversation and shared our observations and thoughts. With fear finally set aside, upon reaching home we settled down for a nap, family's exhausting!


  1. Great stuff, your blog deserves more comments. Good luck.

  2. Thanks Ken!!! That means a lot!