Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 55 - Spicy Bites

Today I went out to lunch. I have no idea what I ordered, other then the blanket statement of, "The Non-Vegetarian Special" please. The gentleman behind the counter was patient, and definitely customer service focused, but despite his attempts to describe the possible food combinations I could choose, I ended up saying, "Surprise me, you pick!". Semi new to Indian cuisine, I still have no idea what most menu items are, but set ignorance and fear aside to try the odd colored items anyway.

I ended up with way too many food items to fit on my shared dining table and quickly realized the only thing recognizable was my can of Coke. I can only describe the courses offered as a salad (which I loved!), naan, some type of rice, a lentil dish which I devoured, a chicken item, coconut curry tofu, something green, and a pepper. Most items were excellent, with just one or two things that I don't think would find their way back to my plate for second helpings, but seeing as I don't know what they were called, maybe they will!


  1. Welcome to the world of Asian cuisine ! If I may, allow me to recommend today's specials for beginers...

    Korma (any meat) wild creamy and sweet

    Masala (any meat) Red in colour, again mild with and almond base

    Avoid Vindaloo or Phal unless you want the lining of all internal organs stripping and enjoy 3rd degree internal burns :) Of course that would in itself qualify for day 56 ???


  2. HA! John your comments crack me up! Thank you for the help, it will come in handy and I think you're right, Vindaloo or Phal might just qualify for a future post!!!