Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 45 - Million Dollar Question

I literally had to ask a million dollar question today. Sadly, it was work related and not due to recent lottery winnings. What made the situation a fearful one for me is 1) I had to admit I had no idea how to interpret the paperwork set in front of me, and 2) I had to call the person that created the document and I should add, she expected the paperwork executed last month. Ouch!

I summoned all the courage I could to make the phone call to the rep who had created the contract, half hoping she wouldn't pick up, but before I knew it I heard, "Hey Lynn!". Darn it. Despite hearing her say "Hey Lynn", I still felt the need to introduce myself out of sheer habit and nervousness, only adding to my feeling of idiocy. Thankfully, as I talked and asked for help, she acknowledged that the deal was quite complicated and graciously guided me through the paperwork jungle.

By the end of the phone call we were both thankful I had picked up the phone. For me, it saved making (literally) a million dollar billing error as my original interpretation of the paperwork was incorrect. Phew, catastrophe averted!

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