Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 19 - Secrets

Everyone has secrets. Some secrets you allow yourself to share with others, while other stay cemented safely in the pavement of your mind. Some secrets are easier shared with a complete stranger, but finding the right stranger to listen to you can be difficult. That said, "Post Secret" started as an art project that allowed people to design a postcard, and share their secrets, their fears, or regrets anonymously by mailing them in to the address pictured above. These secrets then had the potential to be published by project creator, Frank Warren via his blog, and now his books.

Sharing secrets can be a stress relief, or your worst nightmare if you share them with the wrong person. Putting fear of judgement aside, I'm sharing some secrets here and will be mailing my own postcard off to Post Secret shortly. What would your postcard say?

1) I like the Beatles. I have adamantly protested liking them until seeing a recent tribute to Paul McCartney on TV and realized I like their music, I just never knew who sang the songs.

2) I own a Snuggie and love it.

3) Despite my achievements in life, I'm afraid I'm failing at it.

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