Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 8 - Uplifting

Boobies. Ta-tas. The girls. Whatever it is that you call them, breasts need the right support via a properly fitted undergarment. It's a sad statistc that 85% of women walk the planet with a bra that doesn't fit, doesn't offer the right amount of support or comfort, and is actually being worn incorrectly. Because I'm sure I'm included in that percentage of women, I've made a bra fitting appointment with the "Bra Whisperer". The Bra Whisperer, Susan Nethero, trained under the bra-fitter of the Queen of England and has reached national acclaim. She was most recently featured on the Oprah show and that is how I heard about her and the miracles she works!

While you wouldn't think making a bra fitting appointment would be a scary thing, it is for me. My first and only attempt at a bra fitting took place at a well known lingerie store and it went horribly wrong. While I'll spare you most of the details, I will say it ended with me in tears. The highlight of the fitting was having to endure two store associates in the fitting room with me, both tugging on the bra in different directions and pointing out the reason that the bra didn't fit wasn't due to perhaps the bra being the wrong style for me, but rather due to my "body issues". Thanks ladies.

Wanting to put that traumatic experience behind me, I've set my nerves aside and have made an appointment for a free fitting at "Intimacy" in Chicago. I'm looking forward to spending time with a professional bra fitter that can help make me look and feel my best. Finding the right bra will definitely uplift more then just my "girls". I can't wait!


  1. So how did it go?? Is it worth checking out?

  2. My appt is actually in March, so I can't comment yet! I will definitely update my blog when I go.