Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 11 - Tanks

- Le Handle -
(colors inverted)

I'm realizing the more I blog, the more odd I sound. Some of the things that I fear probably sound pretty silly to anyone reading this and well, today's post won't be any exception! I am totally creeped out by and fear toilet tanks! I think they're absolutely gross, and did I mention, creepy?

The childhood lore of alligators in the sewer and the possibility of them climbing up and out of the toilet to eat me have scarred me for life where toilets are concerned. To this day, I do not like toilets that don't allow for me to see the bottom of the bowl. That means any colored water, or dark colored bowl is avoided if at all possible because I just never know what might be lurking at the bottom waiting to attack my naked rear end as I take seat on the thrown.

In addition to being a "bowl snob", I really don't like toilet tanks. They scare me. They're ugly, and dirty, and the float ball just freaks me out. I never know what's going in the tank. I mean, the float ball could invite a family of alligators to live in there with it and I wouldn't know until I have to remove the tank lid to fix a lazy flush. And then well, who knows what chaos could ensue! Sure I'm exaggerating, a little, but the point is toilet tanks and dark bowls scare me.

As I believe education is power, I decided to educate myself about the toilet tank and everything in it. In addition, I removed the lid of my tank to compare my newly found "book smarts" against real world experience. I took a long hard look at the flapper valve, ballcock, float ball, chain and smelly water and while I can't say I enjoy the toilet tank any more then I did before, I think maybe the next time I have to remove the tank lid I won't be so afraid. Toilet tank anxiety successfully reduced, but not gone.

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