Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 17 - Baubles

I have saved myself many a dollar and then some, by passing up the jewelry counters at my favorite stores. I have actively avoided purchasing many necklaces that I thought were beautiful because the "in" style these days seems to be long necklaces. You know, the type of long necklace that comes to rest about half way down the front of your shirt? This is the type of necklace that I believe sits at just the right length to draw even more attention to my frontal assets then need be. Of course, the fear and paranoia of over-advertising my "goods" is my own perception, and probably not that of others. In order to overcome my fear today, I actually had to go shopping this past Saturday!

Saturday found me perusing the jewelry department of a local department store that I love to frequent. Looking at jewelry with an actual intent to buy was intimidating to say the least. As I held up dozens of long necklaces, none of which passed my "wear-ability" inspection, I began to get nervous at the thought that I would not find a strand of baubles to wear. Finally my eyes landed on a multi-colored, two strand, semi-understated, simple necklace and then I thought, "Okay, now what do I wear this with?". Quickly bringing all items in my closet to mind, I believed this necklace would work with at least two different outfits so off to the register I went.

I must admit, it's been hard not to fidget with the necklace today, and when I see people looking at my chest, I still remain unsure of exactly what it is that they're looking at. Despite my fears, I've conquered wearing a lengthy necklace and will focus on the compliments I've received versus the insecurities I feel. Now all I want to know is, when is the next trip to the jewelry department?

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