Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2 - Out of the Box

I'm not a technology junkie and am knowingly "behind the times" where most electronics and gadgets are concerned, however I asked for a new "gadget" for Christmas and received it. Now, the problem with getting exactly what it is that you want, is doing something with it after you get it. For example, my Polar heart rate monitor has a dead battery that I wish I could say was due to over use, however the poor thing never came out of it's box (now aged 4 years). I'm sure one day I will send it back to Polar for a new battery and put it to use, however this added step just to "get it up and running" makes it that much more difficult to use. I won't even mention how old my computer printer is that has never seen the light of day. But I digress. Today my latest gadget, the Keurig Elite, has come out of it's box, and only post 7 days from it's Christmas unwrapping! I will not let fear of getting it dirty, or making the imperfect cup of coffee hold it hostage in its cardboard prison any longer! Today, French Vanilla, tomorrow the world!!!

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