Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 18 - First Things First

I've received numerous inspirational emails in the past with stories and advice that tell me I shouldn't save that sexy black dress for a special occasion, that I should invite more people over and not worry about how clean my home is, and that I should relish life and eat dessert first. And while I love these e-mails, I wonder who actually does any of this stuff? It all sounds great on paper, but again, I ask, who actually does this stuff? I can answer that question, today it was me!

I headed out to dinner with a great friend and her daughter and warned my company that I would be ordering dessert first (just in case they wanted to run and hide). I put fears aside that I would look like a gluttonous pig or a raging choc-o-holic that needed a fix and ordered the most calorie laden, decadent dessert my taste buds desired. While my dates ordered "normal" appetizers, I ordered up one slice of Wild Blueberry White Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake for immediate consumption.

I giggled a bit as the waitress brought out my dessert. Sensing my discomfort, she said, "Hey, gotta make sure you get it all in, right?!". With my friends' encouragement, I slowly worked on my dessert and got about half way through when I decided to set it aside to save room for dinner. What an odd concept, "save room for dinner" when I'm used to hearing "did you save room for dessert?".

Today, as the Beatles would sing, I got "by with a little help from my friends". Fear of looking silly, conquered. Fear of being judged, conquered. Tummy ache, well that will need more then the Beatles lyrics to feel better. Despite the tummy rumbles, I still say enjoy the little things in life. Eat dessert first.

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