Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 21 - Naked (Not Really)

I decided to take a photo of myself without make-up. It's pretty scary. Not the photo (I hope), but the fact that me, without make-up, will be permanently documented. I am not one of those people who have to have make-up on before I leave the house, but if doing so, I usually make sure I'm going to places where I won't run into people I know. So again, taking a picture for all to see, is quite a scary feat for me. What will people think?

What do I think? I'm afraid that people will see the uneven skin tone, and any other imperfection that I can dream up. I'm afraid people will see someone un-lovable. But that fact is, what I should see, setting fears aside, is a bright smile paired with mischievous and perhaps intriguing eyes. What I should see, is an intelligent woman with a bright future. What I should see, is a fun girl who anyone else would be lucky to be friends with.

Why are we all our own worst critics? Why can't we put fears aside and just love ourselves and each other without judgement? How can we expect others to not pass judgement, when we judge what we see in the mirror every day? Here's to facing fears, and being okay with just being me.