Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 25 - 2N

Included in my ever-growing spreadsheet of fears to tackle was task #86: "Introduce yourself to a neighbor". I wanted to task myself with an introduction because, 1) it's downright intimidating and 2) it's sad when you live in a 3 floor walk up, 6 units, and don't know anyone that shares that space with you. When I added this fear to my list, I originally thought I might bake cookies, or slip an invite under my neighbor's door to break the ice. I imagined coffee, baked goods, nice conversation and maybe even an invite into their home - what I got was loud music.

Enter fear #78: "Confront Someone". I'm horrible at finding the nerve to confront people, so I added this task to my list to help me grow personally. Little did I know #86 and #78 would be a head on collision for me as I came home last night.

Just as I took my shoes off to relax, it started. That's right, the 1960's, Oldies But Goodies sing along was taking place right underneath me. At first, I tried to ignore it, after all it was still early in the evening but as the do-wops continued, it became apparent that I wasn't going to be able to tune out such lyrics as, "He's a rebel and he'll never ever be any good". I got irritated. I paced the floor debating my course of action and then just as, "and then he kissed me..." played, I found myself putting on my shoes.

I descended the stairs quickly and pounded on the door of unit 2N to no avail. Since the occupant couldn't hear me over the blaring noise, I waited for a break in the song before I knocked again. Finally the music stopped and a meek little voice answered, "Hello?" through the door. "What? I'm not talking through a damn door", I thought, so I calmly asked, "Can we talk?". The door opened slowly, and what appeared to be a timid little Munchkin peeked out from around the corner.

I said hello, and noted that we had never properly met so I introduced myself. I also mentioned that I might be just a little perturbed by the volume of his music. To make light of an awkward situation, I did include that I liked most of his musical selections, but requested they just be turned down a bit. He giggled. He thanked me for pointing out his abuse of musical power, as he didn't want to be known as the "obnoxious neighbor" to everyone in the building. I giggled this time around. We parted ways on a good note, and I'm hoping by putting fears aside and introducing myself that my confrontation will pay off with a little more peace and quiet for all to relish.

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