Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6 - DDS

After putting off making a dentist appointment for longer than I care to admit, it's done. February 10th is my D-Day. I'm not afraid of the actual procedures or potential pain itself, I've never had a bad experience in that department. Rather, I'm afraid of being yelled at. My last dentist yelled at me for lack of flossing, and I can admit it, I'M A BAD FLOSSER! But don't swear and yell at me, please. Needless to say, I thoroughly "punished" that dentist by never returning to his establishment. Smart, right? My new and hopefully non-verbally abusive dentist is well reviewed by numerous people, as well as the ADA, and in walking distance from home. I have faith my smile will be whipped backed into gleaming shape in no time. Wish me luck!

PS) Is the dullness of the photo above a reflection of plaque and tartar build up?


  1. I just recently went back to the dentist for the first time in at least a year. Well, I tried to go in April but it was a failure. The dentist saw how terrified I was and wouldn't clean my teeth!

    So I got a referral to a "sedation dentist." This guy listened to me, and decided to numb some sensitive spots and use nitrous (on top of the Ativan I took beforehand). OK cleaning. Do I want to go back for more? Uh, no. But it was OK, so I will.

  2. You've been through so much with your jaws and teeth, Erin! I should remember that if YOU can do it, so can I! : )