Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 28 - Lion Tamer

I am the proud owner of a fuzz-ball. Actually, she owns me, who am I kidding? Being a fuzz-ball, or to be politically correct "Domestic Long Hair", cat owner has it's challenges. Matts. Tangles. Knots. Shedding. These things are not helped by the fact that my DLH seems to have no grooming skills of her own, and solely relies on me to brush her and keep her tangle free. That of course, is a full time job and seeing as I already have two jobs, brushing and grooming the DLH doesn't get done as often as it should. So, since neither I nor the DLH can keep up with her high-maintenance grooming schedule, I elect to get her groomed professionally and trimmed into what is called a Lion Cut. She comes home with a mane, a trimmed body and legs, and fur "boots". While she truly enjoys her days at the spa, the problem is, quarterly spa treatments get expensive!

Last fall, I found myself in the grooming supply section of a pet store, and I realized that for the price of one "spa treatment", I could purchase a mid-level trimmer and groom the DLH myself. So I took a leap, and made the purchase. Now mind you, I have not gone to kitty grooming school and know nothing on how to give a proper haircut. My haircutting resume would be short, and my references would include very unsatisfied, mangled Barbie doll heads, but I didn't let lack of experience dissuade me. I have so far, given my DLH two fur-trims, and while the results were probably humiliating for the girl, I must mention that I have never been confident enough to give her a full Lion Cut. Why? Because she GROWLS! She growls continuously to let me know that she does not want those trimmers anywhere near her chest, belly or "naughty bits". So my previous de-fuzzing sessions of the DLH have been limited to her back and sides, and scissoring of the belly. This still leaves a tangled chest and rear end. Because I know growling is a warning, and that cat bites are very nasty and hard to keep clean, the DLH wins the battle of the trimmers and I back off to avoid any escalated behaviors or reactions.

Recently, with the full support of my blog behind me, I decided I would tame the lion! The most recent grooming session of the DLH included a trimmed body, chest and legs! No scissors allowed! I pushed past my fears and intimidation created by the horrendous growling and got the job done. And while it is nowhere near a great job, it does save me $320+ a year in grooming fees and it helps the DLH avoid hairballs (yuk!). Who knows, with enough practice maybe I'll open a kitty salon someday, but for now the lion has been tamed, and fear conquered. Results below.

- Lion Cut, 2011 -

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