Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 23 - Dog Day Afternoon

Today I conquered insecurity. This wasn't a planned fear to tackle but became one rather quickly. I was asked to help out a friend with a dog problem and after putting it off once, I had to face facts that today was the day to conquer the "Angry Basset". I've been training dogs close to 3 years, and while I have moments of greatness, sometimes it doesn't occur to me that I'm a good trainer. When friends ask for free advice where their pups are concerned, I reply that I might be able to help. Never do I seem to utter a confident response of, "Sure, I can do that!".

After an hour and a half drive, I was reacquainted with a long lost friend and his pack which included a Boxer, a Newfie and the "Angry Basset". The angry Basset was the problem child of the group, and his laundry list of bad habits was quickly divulged to me. I was immediately intimidated by the list of naughty behaviors, and quite honestly wanted to turn tail and run! I quickly regained my composure and realized I couldn't tackle everything on the list, so I focused on what the pup's parents thought were his top 2 issues and offered up some free advice. By the end of my visit, the angry Basset didn't seem so angry anymore and his parents began to see their own involvement in his bad behaviors. I advised the Basset's humans of some modifications they could do, and I think with a little consistency they'll see a new dog emerge. As I left, I was complimented on my skills, and thanked for my time. Payment was a shirt covered in drool, and a full serving of self confidence that yes, I am good at what I do!

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