Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 90 - StreetWise

"StreetWise, Inc. is a social-enterprise organization designed to help unemployed or underemployed men and women out of poverty. The organization accomplishes this mission in two ways: First, StreetWise provides the clients with an array of social services, with a particular focus on employment training and housing support; second, through the weekly publication of StreetWise Magazine, which is bought by the agency's vendors and then resold by them for a profit. StreetWise combines the opportunity of gainful employment with supportive social services to assist vendors on their road back to financial self-sufficiency." -

There is a man down on his luck who sells a small newsprint magazine called, "StreetWise" just outside of my building. I pass him by every now and again but never stop to talk. He's very quiet and occasionally says "Hello", or "Have a good night ma'am" and while I reply, I never talk to him. The more often I pass him by, the more the idea of talking to him seems awkward. Putting my own feelings aside, I decided to introduce myself as it seems silly to see someone near every day and not know who they are. The conversation didn't quite go as well as I had hoped. Maybe Mom was right, I shouldn't talk to strangers!

Lynn - "Hi, my name is Lynn. My boyfriend Mike has talked to you before, but I've never stopped to say hi, so I thought I'd say hello and introduce myself."

Man - Blank stare

Lynn - Reading the identification tag around his neck, "'re name is Steve?".

Steve - "Yeah." Blank stare continues .

Lynn - "Well, I pass you by quite often as I live in the building on the corner..." (pointing at building)

Steve - Still staring as if I'm from Mars.

Lynn - "...and thought I should say hi since I see you all the time."

Steve - Confused blank stare still looms over face suggesting I've got aliens climbing out of my ears now.

Lynn - "Well...okayyyy."

Steve - Still staring, obviously watching aliens launch starship from my head.

Lynn - "I just wanted to let you know who I was officially so..."

Steve - More confused then ever wondering how the aliens got into my head.

Lynn - Realizing the conversation is painfully one-sided, "Okay, well have a good night!".

Steve - "Good night?." Obviously thankful I'm taking the aliens with me.

Lynn - Continues walk home head hanging in shame at conversational failure. Giggles follow.


  1. I love your blog! lol this was hysterical. I found you when I signed up for the a-z blogging challenge. Cool blog.