Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 89 - Oh Deer!

Taking a photo (of course) is nothing new for me, but what I had to do to get this photo was! My photo seeking offenses include, but are not limited to, an illegal U-turn, changing lanes illegally and with no turn signal and obstruction of traffic. I'm sure any police officer would have had a grand time writing me up a multiple citation ticket for my fearless, uhh, crazy behavior, but I didn't let the thought of that stand in the way of my photo. (I'm sure I shouldn't be admitting this in a public forum!)

So, why do a couple of deer send me into a crazed driving frenzy that mirror the skills of a new student driver? Because I'm a city girl and don't get to see free roaming wildlife, unless you count rats and pigeons as wildlife? I was taught to appreciate all of nature at a young age (except for maybe rats and pigeons) and was happily surprised to see the deer just outside of my place of work. Life's too short to just keep driving, sometimes you have to stop and smell the...well...take photos.

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