Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 77 - Wash

- Car Wash -

As a child my aunt would often take me out on errands with her. One of the errands I remember we repeated quite often was getting her car washed at the automatic car wash. I don't think I ever let her know I was afraid, but I had multiple fears about the car wash and still do today, just not on such a large scale. As a child, I was always afraid that the big blue and red rolling scrub brushes would somehow burst through the windows and come and get me, or allow enough water into the car to flood it and drown me. Another fear was that we'd get stuck in between the brushes and never be able to leave the car wash with no hope of rescue.

To this day, I am not a big fan of the automated car wash and prefer having my car hand washed. But as winter snow and salt have taken it's toll on my car, I felt the need to get my car washed as quickly and conveniently as possible. As I paid the extra money at the gas pump to get the offered car wash, I pondered the thoughts of the rotating brushes spinning right through my windshield but didn't let that deter my purchase. With receipt in hand, and after having filled my gas tank, I drove over to the automated track of the on site car wash and let the suds begin! As my car rolled along the track, the brushes slapped my car as if to beat it into submission. I must admit, I got a slight adrenaline rush as I heard the "thump, thump, thump" of the brushes against the car. My car progressed slowly and as the brushes parted ways, I was happy to see daylight at the end of the service bay and coasted to freedom. Flood and disaster averted, clean car achieved!

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  1. I hate them to, not from fear of personal safety, more fear of them destroying my car !