Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 83 - Craftsmanship

In the past, I was told by many of my professors of three-dimensional art that I have poor craftsmanship. It seems the more I tried to build, cut, or glue anything the worse it became. Even though I took great care and time in trying to complete my assignments, I just never seemed to have the hands for it and furthermore, couldn't convince my teachers that I didn't just slop something together at the last minute in efforts to rush through my homework. (John - I will admire your train hobby by a far!).

Out of fear of pure sloppiness, I tend to shy away from things like sewing (can't cut two patterns the same size if my life depended on it), model building (I will slop glue all over), and please don't ask me to paint anything unless you want something reminiscent of a Jackson Pollock. And what's worse, the longer I take and the harder I try to perfect my projects, the worse my works become!

In efforts to counter attack this problem, I've decided to sign up for a beading/jewelry making class at Caravan Beads in Chicago. Hopefully any imperfect craftsmanship will be seen as unique artistic design! I am starting small with a simple wire and bead earring making class, and hope not to see any red comments on my projects stating "C+ Great design, poor craftsmanship!".

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