Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 62 - Numb

Today I had a follow up appointment with a new dentist (a second dentist) for a deep cleaning of my teeth and gums. The dentist had to numb my mouth, and to be honest, I was more afraid of that, then anything else he would be doing during the procedure today! Facing fears, I "opened wide" and allowed the dentist to inject my gums with the needle and numbing medicine. I've never had anything "numbed" before, other then my foot when I sit on it awkwardly and "put it to sleep" so today was a new experience.

After the last injection the dentist and assistant left me to allow time for the numbing to take place. About 5 minutes into it, I felt like my mouth was the size of a softball (even though it wasn't) and my lips began to tingle. When all was said and done, I went home and starred in the mirror and made faces at it. I found it quite humorous that only half of my mouth worked. Puckering up my lips as if I was going to offer a kiss was hilarious, as my top lip went to the right and my bottom lip drooled towards the left. I looked like a bad version of a curled lip Elvis.

I was happy to take the dentist's advice and not eat anything for a few hours as, although I couldn't actually feel it, I knew I was accidentally biting my tongue as I randomly tried to talk. Eating would have proven disastrous. Of course, as soon as the dentist told me I couldn't eat, I think that's when I became hungry. None the less, I waited my allotted hours for all feeling to return to my mouth and managed to enjoy the rest of my day off by meeting up with the boyfriend for some Chicago deep dish pizza. All in all, a day at the dentist proved to be better then a day at work!

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