Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 72 - #36

This weekend I rode the bus. Bus "36 Broadway" to be exact. I braved the public masses of green wearing, St. Patrick day celebrant drunkards in efforts to save money, gas and the environment by taking public transportation. I set fear aside of getting lost, not having the right amount of fare and being late to my destination in efforts to tackle the busride. I enjoyed people watching and eaves dropping on semi-private conversations. Half way through my ride, I gave up my seat to an elderly gentleman who was thankful for the opportunity to sit. As I stood, I felt like a surfer trying to balance the waves of potholes and remain upright. I wanted to yell "Surf's up dude!" for effect, but thought I might get a weird look or two. As I stood, I overheard a short, petite woman say to her partner that no one ever offered her a seat on the bus the whole 9 months of her pregnancy. As I listened and looked around, I wondered where common courtesy has gone. My momentary thought of starting a blog about the topic was interrupted by observing others and watching people making faces at babies. Eventually I pulled the cord to summon a stop on the corner of Armitage where I exited and proceeded to my destination. I survived, rough waves and all.

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