Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 85 - Kibble

Every Saturday I encounter an overly pushy and arrogant pet food rep who claims his product is the best on the market. I don't believe it, and of course, that's just my personal opinion. To be fair, I didn't think much of his product before he came along, but his personality has done nothing to change my mind about his food of choice. Typically I just nod and fain interest as I feel overwhelmed and cornered by his tactics, but...

Tired of hearing the same spiel about his superior product, I finally set intimidation aside and questioned him about the quality of the ingredients in his product, as corn and by-products are not something I choose to feed my pets. Of course, in true salesman form, he had an explanation for both and honestly, good for him. That means he's well versed on his product and believes in it, but his explanations did nothing to convince me to switch my pets' food. Hopefully, knowing I'm an educated consumer and that I have my mind made up about what I choose to feed my pets will help him to leave me alone in the future!

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