Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 82 - Spooky's Mom

I took the time to talk to Spooky's mom today. Spooky is a Miniature Pinscher who's mom frequents my part time job quite often as of late. To jog your memory, I blogged briefly about her before in post, "Day 66 - ASL" and how I feel a bit uncomfortable around her as I cannot fluently communicate with her as I do not know sign language. I suppose my biggest fear is that neither one of us will understand the other and walk away "empty handed" from our conversation attempts. I casted off that fear today and waved hello to encourage whatever type of communication was to be had.

Despite missing individual signals in our conversation, I got the bigger picture that one of her dogs chews everything and that she was looking for a non-chewable food dish, and water bottle. I was able to point out some items that should help her out at home. As we parted ways, I gave one of the few signs I know, "thank you", and walked away. This encounter let me know that my passion for ASL is still strong, and I can't wait to take sign classes and learn how to really communicate with her. Spring lessons start March 29th, and Summer sessions starts in July - wish me luck!

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