Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 65 - Aretha

- Aretha -

Help me welcome to the household, my blooming new baby Orchid named Aretha. Aretha is a beautiful Orchid who found herself abandoned in a dressing room, destined to a live a life of artificial sun light and neglect. Being the compassionate man he is, my boyfriend decided he couldn't let Aretha continue to suffer and brought her home to me for permanent adoption and some TLC.

I was very happy to see my beautiful surprise, but fear shortened the happiness as I know nothing about Orchid care. I began to read up on the new addition's needs and am afraid I'll kill her by over watering, or lack of correct fertilizer, or heaven forbid I ever forget and re-pot her in soil (big Orchid no-no!). Also, I have other "children" to contend with in the house. I have a feline that seems to have a leaf/plant eating fetish that I now must defend Aretha from at all times. Despite my fears, I will give Aretha the best home and care I can manage and I will appreciate her beauty daily. Anyone know of any good greenhouse daycare centers I can drop her off at while I go to work during the day? (Just teasing.)

Why did I settle on the name Aretha? Because after reading up on the flower, it's such a high maintenance plant all I could think is that it's going to be like caring for a demanding diva. And because of the recent Snicker's candy bar commercial, when I think diva, I think Aretha Franklin. Here's to hoping Aretha reaches the age of 1, and right now, I'll settle for that being 1 month old versus 1 year!

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