Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 60 - Recap II

Looking back over the month of February I realize:

- I've done a lot of personal growing at work, learning to over come fear and ask for what I want, and ask the hard questions.

- I managed to try new foods, Indian cuisine, gelato and grapefruit only to find the healthiest thing for me (grapefruit) is still not palatable.

- I passionately educated a pet owner about their dog's health issues, and got "humped" by an overly passionate pup.

-I attempted to watch a scary movie, but will have to take the advice of my blog reader (thanks Lynn) and try something a little more scary!

- My boyfriend was introduced to my mother and spent an entire breakfast with my dysfunctional family (and he still wants to date me!).

- I branched out and saw an awesome Beatles show despite protesting their music.

- I went against the grain to be one of just a few walkers in the Cupids 4 miler event - and survived! Go team Breakfast Burrito!

These are what I consider the highlights of the past month, however, not wanting to dwell on the past, I'm looking forward to the next 305 days of adventure! Of course, I should probably focus on just getting through March first. Any thoughts about what fears I should tackle next?

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