Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 79 - 5K #2

- Post Race Breakfast: Guiness Beer & Banana -

Today was the St. Paddy's Day 5K run/walk event which is the third event of my monthly challenge. I really would have rather slept in, all snuggled up warm in my bed, but at the last minute I threw on some clothes and headed out in the drizzle. As I hailed a cab to head to Lincoln Park I wasn't the least bit excited to do yet another event, alone. I had a lot on my mind, and admittedly am a bit in the dumps about the well being of my cat (see "Tird" post). Despite mood and lack of motivation, I planned on finishing what I started.

As I walked about the sea of people in green waiting to start the race, I stumbled upon two women and thought I had nothing to lose by striking up a conversation with them so I did just that. "Have you guys participated in this race before?", I asked. And the rest was history. It was as if I had known Shelly, Jodi and Tom (who joined us later) for years. The conversation flowed between the four of us throughout the race and ended with beer and bananas for breakfast (post race carb-loading).

By forcing myself out of the house and rejecting an invitation for one to my own pity party, I met some really great people. I was thankful that our paths crossed and the conversation made for a quick 5K. I left the post race festivities with hugs and an email address to keep in touch with my new friends. I hope we can do more events like this in the future, together.


  1. Bananas and Beer, the breakfast of champions!

  2. Amazing where life's friends come from !