Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 91 - A is for Anatomy

Anatomy: physical structure of organism: the physical structure, especially the internal structure, of an animal, plant, or other organism, or of any of its parts - Merriam Webster

I can pinpoint almost the exact time I became fascinated with human anatomy. It was high-school, my senior year in Mr. O'shea's Human Biology class. I believe I was one of the few girls that didn't squirm at the idea of dissecting things. As we dissected goat eyeballs, cats, frogs and other various things, we were instructed to look at different parts of our work under a microscope and draw what we saw. I enjoyed the drawing aspect of our assignments very much, especially the drawing and shading of the intricate details such as veins and arteries, making them come to life again, even if only on paper.

My love for artistic details, muscle structure, and gross human anatomy live on with me to this day. My at home library reflects this passion as it is made up of many an anatomy book. One of my favorite possessions is a documentation/program style book I purchased at the museum exhibit, "Body Worlds". Body Worlds is a touring exhibit that presents works of plastination by Gunther von Hagens. While not for the young or squeamish, I find it utterly fascinating and think you should take a peak. I'll be re-visting this exhibit as it's in Chicago through September.


  1. Mrs RJR is a physiotherapist or as those on another continent would say, physical therapist. She too was fascinated by the body works exhibition when it came to Manchester, they wangled a funded works trip as a training afternoon.


  2. How neat, what a great opportunity for her! I remember in grade school, my class took a field trip to an amusement park in the name of "educational enrichment". Not sure how riding rollercoasters enriched my education, but it sure was fun!

  3. I think I was at that show a few years ago. I loved it, except there was one part that I had to either sit down or pass out. It is definitely not for the squeamish!!