Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 64 - Donut

Finding myself bored last night and nursing a cold, I had some "down time" and found myself keeping my couch and TV company. Searching through NetFlix, I stumbled upon the film, "The Secret". Long intrigued by the book and television hype, I figured what have I got to lose by watching the movie? To summarize in short, the logic behind "The Secret" is the universal laws of attraction and that whatever you want, you can attract by sending positive energy out into the world. Whether it be wealth, love, or health you can attract and obtain anything by positive thinking and by following these three basic steps:
  • Ask the universe for what you want
  • Believe your request can come true
  • Act as though you've already received your request

While I usually perceive myself as a positive person, as of late I've been in a "bad spot" due to stress and thought, "What do I have to lose by practicing this technique?". Of course, in the documentary, people have obtained thousands of dollars by "willing" it, but the philosophers suggest you start small with your requests, they suggested a cup of coffee. I immediately thought, "donut". So yep, that's what I asked the Universe for, a donut. Silly, absolutely, but what did I have to lose?

This morning I woke up and thought positive thoughts. I thought I will have a good day, I will sell two dog training classes, and somehow, someone will provide me a donut. I want a donut Universe! I asked the Universe for a donut, I believed it was achievable and I acted as if I could already taste the donut. When I arrived at work I walked directly into the break room expecting my donut, but was sadly shocked that there were no donuts. Hello? Universe, aren't you listening? I continued to obsess about my silly donut throughout the day and it never appeared. That was, ironically, until I was walking out 6 hours later.

As I was saying goodbye to one of my managers, I noticed a box that said, "DONUTS" across it in the office. I got the hugest smile ever and said giddily, "Are those donuts?" (as if I couldn't read), and he said, "Yeah, they're mine, but you can have one - would you like one?". I was too excited to actually eat the donut, and hope the Universe wasn't offended by my declination of my granted wish. Positive thinking allowed me to have fun today, and a good day at work - something I haven't had either of in a long time (or so it seems). So, you might ask, where is the fear in all of this? Well, my fear is that in posting this, you readers will think I've lost my marbles and gone a bit crazy! Despite fears, I thought this was too great of an experience not to share. Try some positive thinking today and enjoy!

PS) I also sold the two training classes I said I would!

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  1. Not silly at all... Interestingly from a Christian point of view the most often repeated promise in the bible.....

    "Ask and Ye shall receive !"

    Not sure, but I think that applies to donuts too :)