Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 210 - Groceries

I finally did it. I went where no Lynn has gone before. I stepped foot in the much feared, Whole Foods. That's right, Whole Foods grocery store. Why was it scary you ask? Because I was afraid I'd spend my entire paycheck shopping there!

An impromptu, after dinner walk lead me right in front of the bright green sign that screamed, COME INSIDE LYNN. Okay, well it really said the store's name, Whole Foods, but no matter. The green neon reeled me in and before I knew it, I was elbow deep in the frozen fish freezer. Add two chipotle salmon burgers to the cart followed by organic strawberries, lavender incense for relaxing, Greek yogurt for snacking, and a magazine for reading. I refused to stop in any given aisle for too long, as I was afraid my shopping cart would grow arms and start picking out it's own items for purchase.

I quickly headed to the check out, limiting myself to the few items mentioned above as I figured "10 items or less" was a good amount for a first time purchase. I can't wait to go back, I think spicy chicken sausage is the next major item up for purchase followed by fruit, Kashi pizza, Pop Chips, wine and...


  1. It's seriously addictive, but in the way where you eat nothing but healthy foods, dangerous for the wallet, good for the waistline

  2. Exactly MCC! I thought of you when picking out my Fage purchases!