Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 191 - L.A.T.E.

I participated in the McDonald's L.A.T.E. ride today, well, I guess technically it was yesterday, or actually, both days. The 25 mile ride started late Saturday, but I don't think my wave got released until 2, or 2:30ish Sunday morning. I am typically afraid of the crowds, or more so their lack of following the rider's rules of the road, and their potential to cut me off or cause me to crash. And of course, the 2 miles of unlit lake front trail is pretty scary too, even with a blinding head light.

Amazingly enough, once my group got through the initial launch, we hit quite a few open spots of riding where we could just, all out pedal and ride, it was pretty amazing. We all took turns leading the group through various city neighborhoods and completed the ride in record time. I think we finished the course in about 2 hours, which is great considering all the stop lights, maneuvering through the crowds, and fighting the occasional lost cab that had worked it's way into the biking crowd.

After the ride,we grabbed our breakfast of tea, waffle snacks and yogurt and sat in front of Buckingham Fountain for a well deserved break. Shortly after, we walked our bikes to the car and loaded them up for the ride, let me clarify, the drive home.

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