Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 194 - Here

It's taken me days of over thinking and editing of this post before I finally thought it was worthy of the person who inspired it. I can't say it's perfected yet, but I am truly at a loss for words. My biggest concern? How will this post inspire me, or any reader, in the way I want it to?

I received grave news about a co-worker and friend today. When the news of failing health (hopefully this is temporary) for someone so young, vibrant and just plain good finally sunk in (about 10 hours later), I cried. Of course I was immediately upset when I first heard "Flight for Life" and "ICU", but had to carry on with the work day. You know the drill, the "show must go on". Despite initial shock and sadness, my immediate thought was, "What the hell am I doing here?". I think this was the most honest, unfiltered thought I've ever had, and more so, a moment of clarity.

What the hell am I doing here? Here at this place of work that does not inspire me, here on this Earth in general, and here in my own body - what am I doing? I can list the things I do in hopes to justify my time on this planet, and I can spout off work accomplishments, but if my heart isn't happy, what does any of that matter? How do I live my best life? I found the following advice on line and thought I'd share.

Accept your mistakes
Accept your friends mistakes
Create a new habit
Build self discipline
Make new friends
Get a new job
Start a new diet
Keep a journal
Create and keep a morning phrase
Travel far away from your home
Learn to take risks
Start your own business
Change your work space
Learn a new language
Find reasons to agree
Pay yourself first
Wake up early
Train your focus
Write an e-book
Be better, not perfect
Stop self sabotage
Find reasons to love your life
Try something new
Avoid fighting
Stop wasting your power
Learn to ignore
Offer gratitude
Recycle your aggression (into something better, like a workout!)
Release your guardians (or shut up that voice in your head that says you can't do something!)
Clean up your house
Write a personal mission statement
Dissolve negative opinions about yourself
Build different skills
Manage your time as you manage your money
Be a parent (do pets count?)
Throw away one object a day from home
Read a book per week
Start a monthly challenge
Call an old friend
Follow a coincidence
Play a game
Forgive somebody out of the blue
Stop solving the wrong problems
Make peace with an old enemy
Make a promise to a close person and keep it
Break up with a person you don't really like
Get a thing you wanted for a long time
Stop being judgmental
Change your wardrobe
Smile at least 10 times a day
Burn some old memories
Plant a tree
Move to another town or country
Join a new group
Stop watching TV (I failed at this!)
Start a totally unexpected hobby
Randomly hug a stranger on the street
Set up a surprise party
Go hiking
Get a pet
Write a thank you letter
Meditate daily
Say something nice to someone
Say something nice to you
When in doubt, improvise
Stop faking your life
Define goals
Help others
Be social
Spend time alone
Fix something by yourself
Create value
Do a random act of kindness
Slow down
Understand what people want from you
Break an old habit
Stop complaining
Reject what you don't want
Being is better than having
Listen to your critics
Don't take it personally
Go with passion
Trust your emotions
Live like it's a holiday
Make your life a story
Stop being a follower
Watch your beliefs
Stop lying
Stop reacting to stuff (and act on it instead!)
Live today
Expect the unexpected
Make your own rules
Get rid of labels
No regrets

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  1. Very profound for day 193 ! They say the 3 most asked questions are:

    Who am I?
    Why am I here?
    Where am I going?

    I'm so happy I got them all worked out early on as it helps me get through every day !