Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 190 - 1 to 100

I was amazed and thrilled to see this sign as I exited a parking garage for an impromptu lunch date with a girlfriend. Not only did I do a "scary" thing by accepting an invite to hang out in a city I had (sadly) never been to, but this just seemed like a reminder to try to put more effort into my "scary" events, and get back to the original intention of my blog. While I can't guarantee that my blog will be "personal post" free, I definitely want to put more effort into tackling my fears. I still have quite a list to complete, and the year is half over! With that said, I've made the photo above the wallpaper/background on my phone as a daily reminder to go forth and conquer that ONE thing every day.

So, because I couldn't have been sent a more clear sign to keep doing what it is I'm doing, the next event I'm signing up for is a Century Ride. That's a 100 mile bike ride people. I'm pretty sure my butt will give out before my legs will! I have a lot of training ahead of me for this event, and trust me, attempting a 100 mile ride is SCARY for me! I don't know if I can do it, but I'm sure going to act like I can as I'm a firm believer in "fake it until you make it"! Bravado and a new seat cushion for my bike should take me far! Wish me luck.

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