Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 201 - Goulash

Yep, I'm at posting day number TWO HUNDRED AND ONE and I'm writing about goulash. Not to say it's not pertinent to my blog, but you'd think on such a grand number of a post, I'd have something a little more inspirational to share, other then goulash.

By definition goulash is "a European soup or stew of meat and vegetables (especially onion) seasoned with paprika and other spices". Despite a tame description, it's gross looking. See today's lunch pictured below. See what I mean? Gross, right?

Now, granted a cellphone picture doesn't help make the scary menu item any more appealing, however, the color is not that far off. Despite a most definite lack of visual appeal, I ordered up the goulash as it was one of the healthier items on the lunch menu for today. "Here goes nothing", I thought to myself. Once I sat down and lifted fork to mouth, I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. The turkey and basil marina complemented the noodles quite well. I could have done without the over cooked green peppers, but ehh, not bad for a first goulash! So, lesson for today..."Try it, you might like it!"

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