Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 197 - Input

Wanting to keep on track with my goal of participating in one active event per month, I've been researching ideas all year. While choices seemed quite lean for August, I seem to have no problem finding an event to participate in for September. Rather, September seems to offer too many events to choose from that conflict with each other. What to do? Hopefully by the time I finish this post and get all my thoughts out on cyber-paper, I can come to a decision. I'm not against comments with input and votes, please help! The events I have in mind for September are:

Sunday September 18th - Century Bike Ride (50 miles)
This is a ride close to home, that would stretch my biking skills and let me see parts of the state of IL that I probably haven't seen before, or at least not by bike!

Sunday September 18th - Run the Pier - (1 mile run/walk)
This is a short event, but takes place at one of my favorite Chicago attractions, Navy Pier. Who gets to do this? I love Navy Pier, and getting to do something totally new there would be very cool.

Sunday September 25th - Apple Cider Century Ride (50 miles)
This would be a girls weekend road trip to Michigan, and would be pretty cool. The ride would be the same length that I could do in IL the weekend prior, but this trip could include winery tours, and definitely experiencing something new, somewhere new.

Sunday September 25th - Run For Their Lives 4K
This event benefits the animal rescue group, PAWS, or Pets Are Worth Saving. Working with pets endears this event to my heart.

Sunday September 25th - Brookfield Zoo Run Run 5K

This would be my second zoo event, as I annually participate in the Lincoln Park Zoo run. The proceeds benefit the Chicago Zoological Society and of course, helps animals!

After reviewing my options above, I've highlighted what are my leading choices in purple. While I seem to have the weekend of the 18th decided upon, I'm still up in the air for the 25th. I am sure time will reveal if I stay home and benefit pets, or road trip it to Michigan. Your thoughts and input are welcome!

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