Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 349 - Preparation

I found myself book shopping tonight for two reasons. First, I joined a book club and the assigned reading for January is, "Before I Go To Sleep" by author, S.J. Watson. Secondly I need something to keep myself entertained tomorrow as I must report for jury duty selection. Talk about scary stuff!

Have I wasted my money on a book I won't be able to stand? When I meet with the book club members, will I have anything intelligent to share? Will I get picked to sit on a jury tomorrow? What if I get some odd case and am sequestered for months? (Could that even happen?)

I will put my run-away imagination on hold for now and call it a night. As I head to bed, I just know I'm sure to dream of the mobsters from "Good Fellas" chasing after me, a horse head in my bed from "The Godfather" or some type of similar punishment for having made the "wrong" decision in their pending court case. Only time will tell if I need to "...go to the mattresses".

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